New CEO to Lead Google


Earlier this month, Google announced it’s restructuring into a company called Alphabet. Alphabet has been positioned as a “collection of companies” to be run by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This collection of companies will include Google as well as those other companies which are a bit more “far afield” of Google’s
main internet products.


Sundar Pichai, new CEO at Google, 2016

With the restructuring came the need to appoint a new CEO at Google. Page and Brin have named Sundar Pichai, 43, to this position. Pichai has risen quickly through the ranks at Google since his start with the company in 2004. He has worked on such products as the Google search toolbar, the Chrome operating system, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Maps. Pichai is credited with the idea that Google should create its own browser. Initial objections that browser development would a distraction were pushed aside and today Chrome has an estimated worldwide market share of 45%.

In 2014, Pichai was promoted to head of products at Google. This put him in the number 2 position behind Page. He has since been in charge of oversight for key projects including maps, search and advertising, as well as development of Google Photos and Google Now.

Pichai is well regarded internally. His management style is reported to be empathetic, supportive, communicative, and self-deprecating. Prior to this promotion, rumors were circulating that he was being considered for key positions throughout the tech world including as the new CEO at Twitter.

It will be interesting to see where Pichai leads Google and how the new Alphabet company impacts the digital marketplace.

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