IFA Public Affairs Conference Focuses on Joint Employer Ruling

ifa conference

Qiigo recently attended the 2014 IFA Public Affairs conference. Held in Washington DC at the JW Marriott, the Public Affairs conference is a time for the industry leaders to come together to tackle legislative issues affecting the franchise industry. This year the focus was on fighting the Joint Employer ruling.

The Joint Employer ruling states that a franchisor should be considered a “joint employer” with its franchisees. This ruling, by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), could increase franchisors’ potential liabilities should it become a law.

“It’s a catastrophic event from a legal perspective,” said Robert Cresanti, executive vice president of government relations at the Washington-based International Franchise Association, which represents franchisees. “It shatters fundamental principles of privity and control, and I think we’re going to have long-term repercussions from it,” including companies being reluctant to set up franchise operations.

While at the IFA Public Affairs Conference, Qiigo and other franchise leaders from Georgia meet with Tom Rice (R) of Georgia’s 95th District to express their concerns related to this ruling. The Public Affairs conference was attended by 135 franchisees, 115 franchisors and 110 suppliers across the industry.

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