LinkedIn Showcase Pages Draw Attention to Brands

showcase page

You already maintain a LinkedIn company page, but if you’ve been looking for a way to highlight a product, service or brand, the new LinkedIn Showcase Page is exactly what you need. LinkedIn just released their new Showcase Pages. These pages are designed to provide businesses with the opportunity to focus on brands, products or services that require specialized content and attention.

Creating a Showcase Page is easy if you are the administrator of your company page. There are just a few pieces of information you’ll want to gather prior to starting your page. They include:

  • Showcase Page name
  • A Showcase Page description between 75 and 200 characters
  • Industry
  • Name of at least 1 Showcase Page administrator
  • Hero image (recommended, but not required)

Once you have all the needed information, it’s just six simple steps to create your page.

  • 1. Click the down arrow next to the blue edit button on your company page
  • 2. Select ‘Create a Showcase Page’
  • 3. Enter a page name and assign admins to the page
  • 4. Click ‘Create’
  • 5. Finalize all the page details including the description, industry and image
  • 6. Hit ‘Publish’ to make your Showcase Page public

LinkedIn currently provides capacity for 10 Showcase Pages per company. Those companies with a need and the manpower to manage more than 10 Showcase Pages should contact LinkedIn for assistance.

The URL for your Showcase Page will look like this:


There are several reasons to consider a Showcase Page for your company. First, it provides customers with specific product information. For example, LinkedIn maintains separate pages for Talent Solutions and Marketing Solutions, focusing content as needed toward each audience. Showcase Pages also provide the opportunity to interact with customers on a niche level. You can also use Showcase Pages to provide detailed product and service info that may not be appropriate to the general company page.

Companies that maintain multiple product lines or service groups should find LinkedIn Showcase pages to be a valuable marketing tool.

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