Nielsen Research Declares Millennials the Most Trusting Advertising Audience

millennials advertising

A new Nielsen survey discovered that millennials (age 21-34) easily have the greatest levels of trust in advertising regardless of the format. Millennials are also the age group most likely to trust online and mobile advertising. Nielsen notes that this is a logical finding, as this generation “came of age with the Internet.”

Millennials trust well above the averages reported by Nielsen in varying formats beyond just online and mobile advertising. Nielsen states that, “they show the highest levels of trust in 18 of 19 advertising formats/channels.” They went on to report that this includes magazines, TV, newspapers, and other advertising channels.

The Nielsen report went on to declare that “millennials consume media differently that their older counterparts”, noting their ability and understanding of how to govern what they read and watch, as well as in what format. President of Nielsen Expanded Verticals, Randall Beard, went on to state, “But even if they rely less heavily on traditional channels, their trust and willingness to act on these formats remains high.”

This study reinforces the notion that a multi-channel marketing approach is the best way to reach audiences. Qiigo can help you integrate online and mobile advertising into your current media plans.

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