What You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing

MobileMobile marketing is here to stay. You may have been hoping to avoid the mobile marketing craze, but it’s past time to embrace this marketing channel. Mobile ad spend is expected to represent over 60% of US digital media spend by 2017. 2015 is almost here so that’s only two years away.

Does your brand have a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy? Consider these elements if you are focusing on mobile marketing in 2015.

  • Have a Plan. It’s Marketing 101, but in the rush of the work day it can often be overlooked. Can you answer these questions: What are your objectives? How will you measure success? What are the mobile habits of your target market? Know where you are going and how you plan to get there before starting a new campaign.
  • The Experience Matters. Are all the elements of your campaign mobile compatible? Do you have a mobile optimized website? The answer needs to be yes to both of these important questions. If consumers using a smartphone or tablet land on a website that is not compatible with mobile viewing or is difficult to use on the go, they will move on and they won’t come back.
  • Make it Quick. You want consumers to interact with your mobile site. Make sure the site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. See ‘The Experience Matters’…If consumers can’t get around on your mobile site with ease, they will head over to the competition.
  • Be Responsive. Online advertising images and layouts must be responsive. Responsive sites adapt to the size and shape of the device. From large format monitors to the smallest cellphone screen, your site should automatically work and look good. Responsive sites are a must!
  • Know Your Options. There are several options available when venturing into the mobile space. Know and understand how each type of mobile ad will impact your campaign. Some common mobile ad options include web banners, web posters, MMS advertising, Facebook ads, and Google search ads.

If your brand is looking to start or enhance their mobile advertising strategy, call Qiigo today at (404) 496-6841. We help national brands with online and mobile lead generation efforts.

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