Combating Showrooming during the Holidays and Throughout the Year


In November, we addressed the phenomenon known as ‘showrooming’. Showrooming is the practice of using your smartphone or other mobile device to compare prices while in store. With more than three-quarters of retailers expecting to be impacted by showrooming, it is no surprise that strategies to combat this cross-shopping habit are being developed.

During the last days of this busy holiday season, we look at some of the more popular ways retailers are hoping to keep the attention of their shoppers and win those valuable dollars.

One of the easiest ways for retailers to limit the effects of showrooming is to have an active price matching strategy. Let your customers know that you will match (or beat) any advertised sales price they see in store. Show your customers you are serious about keeping them in store for a purchase.

Major retailers like Target, JC Penney, Best Buy, and Nordstrom are promoting their apps as ways to keep connected and shop at the customer’s convenience. Nordstrom’s app allows consumers to receive personalized product recommendations, scan bar codes in store to receive product info and availability, and track in store events.

Boosting the consumers experience is another solid strategy for drawing customers in and keeping them there. Some stores are offering free in store Wi-Fi to enhance the customer experience while others are turning their store into a party location with live DJs. Of course, a great staff will go a long way to impacting any consumer. Do you have a knowledgeable team that is outgoing and friendly? This is especially important for retailers selling items like electronics where customers are likely to have lots of detailed questions.

We expect retailers to keep many of these strategies in place well past the holiday season. In fact, we are looking forward to seeing what new strategies are developed to retain their customers and limit the effects of showrooming.

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