Why National Brands Should be Targeting with Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising for National Brands

With 89% of smart phone users noticing mobile ads, it’s clear mobile marketing is here to stay. In the New Year, mobile marketing is expected to make its biggest impact yet, both to consumer involvement and marketer’s budgets. National brands can take advantage of mobile advertising and reach audiences at the local level with micro-targeting. National brands looking to make an impact with mobile marketing can take advantage of mobile’s promise with these strategies for success.

Building local brand awareness is easier than ever with mobile marketing. With each city, town and neighborhood having an identity of their own, local targeting is essential to increasing consumer’s brand awareness. Mobile consumers want to know how a product or service is relevant to their individual and local needs. Mobile advertising enables national brands to target local communities with local deals, custom ad copy and other targeting strategies.

After identifying target markets, marketers should customize mobile ad copy to reach these unique and individual audiences. Consumers are more likely to engage with brands offering ads with information and deals relevant to their local proximity and search intent. With mobile advertising this kind of micro-targeting is easy. Mobile ad creative can speak to each audience’s unique characteristics and behaviors thereby increasing the consumer’s connection with the brand and its product or service.

Along with this micro-targeting comes the ability to increase budget efficiency. As campaigns become more targeted and reach consumers ready to engage, marketers can avoid broad impressions and reap the benefits of targeted marketing. Campaigns engaged in targeting can increase ad impressions, improve local engagement and increase mobile ad performance; all resulting in greater ROI for your campaign dollars.

Ad creative for mobile campaigns should seek to create a user friendly experience. Remember that mobile consumers are just that….mobile. They want information that is easy to find, loads quickly, offers click to call dialing, and the ability to get directions with just one click. 79% of mobile consumers will leave a site that isn’t mobile optimized. Creating an efficient engagement experience will stop this leakage and keep consumers coming back.

All of this leads to the consumer coming to your store. That is the goal after all. With targeted mobile advertising, localized ad copy and an optimized mobile site, consumers are more likely to take the next step and engage your business in person.

National brands can reach and impact key consumer groups through effective mobile advertising. With a well-designed mobile strategy, you can reach the consumer and win in the mobile ad game.

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