U.S. Mobile and Social is Growing Like Crazy

U.S. Mobile and Social Media Revenue Surged 30% to $45.4 Billion in 2011, and Projected to Accelerate 31% in 2012


Total U.S. mobile and social revenue reached $45.38 billion in 2011 and increase of 30.2% according to PQ Media. Mobile and social revenues are expected to continue to rise at an annual rate of 30.8% in 2012 according to PQ Media’s recently released U.S. Mobile & Social Media Forecast 2012-16.

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The U.S. Mobile & Social Media Forecast 2012-16 is a comprehensive look at the U.S. mobile and social media industry. This first of its kind report “collected, analyzed, defined, segmented and forecast the entire mobile & social media landscape, providing the most comprehensive and detailed perspective on the fastest-growing communications industry segment.”

Within the forecast, three broad sectors of the industry were identified – mobile advertising & marketing, mobile content & access, and online social media. Within these three sectors, seven segments were further identified including mobile advertising, mobile marketing, consumer mobile content & access, business mobile content & access, social networks, blogs, and podcasts. Forty-four additional revenue streams were also identified.

Additional highlights from this report included:

  • Largest Industry Sector: Mobile content & access with 2011 revenue of $39.17 billion.
    • Mobile content & access accounted for 58% of total revenue and 42% of the consumer segment’s revenue.
  • Fastest Growing Sector: Mobile advertising & marketing with growth of 53.7% in 2011 to $3.39 billion.
    • Mobile advertising grew 60.9% and mobile marketing grew 46.2%.
    • The marketing segment is expected to grow faster than the advertising segment between 2012 and 2016. This growth is expected to be built upon location-based, coupon, and marketing app revenue opportunities.
    • Fastest Growing Mobile Ad Revenue Streams: In-game, search and video.
  • Smallest Sector: Online Social Media with $2.83 billion in revenue, but a strong 42.1% growth rate.
    • Within online social media, social networks were the largest and fastest growing segment with a 45.9% increase to $2.28 billion in 2011.
    • Together, mobile & social media account for 4.1% of overall communications industry revenue in 2011.
    • 11 of the 44 mobile & social media revenue streams exceed $1 billion in 2011. 23 are projected to exceed $1 billion by 2016.

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