Maximize the Use of QR Codes

Qiigo Mobile QR CodeQR codes are among the newest most exciting ways to reach and interact with consumers. They provide unique opportunities to promote your brand, offer promotions, and engage your customers. When integrating QR codes into your marketing campaign, it is best done through a broad strategy that is both targeted and measurable.

Today’s consumers are savvy and a poorly executed QR campaign can leave them with a sour taste in their mouth. It will discourage repeat engagement and could negatively impact long term business. To get the most out of your Mobile Marketing campaign, we’ve compiled the following tips.

What’s the point? As with any marketing campaign, your mobile message must have a point. Don’t just randomly choose codes because they look cool or fit your creative, make sure they provide value to your customer and integrate with your overall campaign message. Have a goal and an objective.

Make it easy to see. Don’t make the QR code hard to scan. There is nothing more discouraging to your customer. If placed in a print ad, make sure it doesn’t fall too close to the fold or within a busy image that makes it hard to see. Anything being scanned outdoors or in your store should be at arm’s level or eye level. If your customer can’t easily scan it…they won’t.

Make it easy to scan. Keep the code in the simple black and white format without a lot of fuss. This will make it able to be scanned by the largest variety of code readers.

Make it easy to view. Ensure your content is set for mobile-enabled sites set for the broadest range of handsets. Test your link on multiple handsets before going live. Keep your links up to date. A link that goes nowhere is never a good thing.

Use QR Codes creatively. QR codes can be used for exclusive offerings to your customers. What a great way to engage your customer and show them you value their business. Offer special discounts, free tickets, branded merchandise, and other incentives to encourage brand loyalty.

With more consumers than ever engaging via their mobile devices, now is the time to embrace this new medium. 2012 is sure to see a dramatic increase in the use of QR codes to reach consumers. Are you going to be leading the charge? Learn more about Qiigo Mobile and how QR codes can help you reach your customers.

Contact Qiigo today to discuss how QR codes and mobile marketing can work for your company.

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