Brand Social Networking Pages Draw Interest from Consumers

Ipsos and Ipsos Global @dvisor recently announced a new study showing the world wide popularity of brand social media pages. Forty-five percent (45%) of respondents reported they regularly check out brands’ social media pages.

Women were more likely to visit these pages than men (48% to 43%). Age also plays a significant role in the propensity to seek out social media pages of brands. Fifty-four percent (54%) of those under the age of 35 regularly check out brand social media pages compared to 43% of those age 35-49 and 31% of those age 50-64.
Regularly Check Out Brand Social Media Page

What draws consumers to brand social media pages? Contests, deals or a place to voice opinions are all likely to draw attention from consumers. Regardless of why they visit these pages, it is clear that many consumers are likely to view a favorite brand as a ‘friend.’

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