Google Carousel Impacts Local Search

You can always count on Google to shake things up. Today is no exception. Google recently announced the launch of the new ‘carousel’ of local results. This innovative new way to get local search results puts the focus firmly on pictures and other visuals.

For example, here’s what it now looks like when you conduct a local search in Google for ‘restaurants Roswell GA’.

Google Carousel

In the black bar across the top, you see a listing of restaurants in the area. In this instance, the carousel includes the business name, Zagat rating, reviews, price category, and other important details. Simply click on the result listing that interests you and its Google+ page is automatically populated below the carousel. Search results are also updated to reference the listing you chose; change carouselin this case showing sites including the restaurant website, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and Facebook. You can scroll from left to right along the carousel to view more listings. Google has also given you the power to modify your search with a drop down menu where, in this case, you can modify price, ratings, cuisines, and hours.

How can you expect the carousel to impact your business? The carousel underscores the important role local search plays in the quest for capturing consumer attention. But you need to pay close attention to your Google+ page to make sure you are disseminating the right message.

When you look at carousel, it’s important to note the increased focus on photos. Does your Google+ page include vibrant, appealing photos that will draw the attention of potential customers? If not, now is the time to get some loaded. Make sure you have claimed and completed your Google+ profile. Are all pieces of relevant information up to date? Check for type of business, address, contact information, hours of operation, and website.

Google search ranking algorithms will determine which businesses are featured in the carousel so make sure you are doing everything possible to boost your ranking.

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