Google to Dominate Mobile Market in 2013


Google is projected to capture the lion’s share of the worldwide mobile market in 2013. eMarketer is projecting Google to claim 56% of the mobile market or approximately $8.85 billion in mobile ad revenues by the end of 2013. Facebook is expected to come in a distance second to Google with 12.9% market share and revenue of $2.04 billion.

In 2012, Google earned an estimated $4.61 billion in mobile internet ad revenue, more than triple the amount of mobile ad revenue brought in during 2011. Google’s total digital ad revenue in 2012 came in at just over $32 billion. This represented approximately 31% of the total worldwide digital ad budgets for the year.

Google continues to grow its share of digital and mobile ad revenue in a variety of ways. In addition to the adoption and monetization of mobile through the newly rolled out AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, Google generates revenue through YouTube and smartphone usage.

Currently, the retail category continues to drive spending on Google. The retail category is projected to spend an estimated $9.4 billion on Google in 2013.

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