Increasing the Impact of Reviews and Ratings

As a business owner, there are few things more satisfying than seeing a review that goes something like this,

“I had an amazing experience here. I will continue to shop here and strongly recommend this store if you are in the area.”
What a great endorsement, right?!

thumbs up

So how are you going to use this amazing little gem to its fullest advantage? Are you just going to let it sit out there on whatever review site you saw it on? Perhaps print it out and put it on the bulletin board above your desk or next to your checkout counter? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to broadcast it to all of your social networks?

Getting more mileage out of 5-star ratings and positive reviews can help you build your business. Approximately 70% of Americans read reviews before purchasing. More often than not, consumers are turning to the internet for advice on where to shop and what to purchase. You need to make sure they find information about your store and your products when they need it.

So, how do you increase the impact of your ratings and reviews? The first step is recognizing that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks are a simple and powerful way to increase the value of these reviews.

To get started, you must first be organized. If you aren’t keeping track of your reviews, now is the time to get started. You must be aware of your online brand and its image. What is the consumer saying about you and where are they saying it? A brand management program like Qiigo Reputation Management can help you by providing updates on mentions about your business across review sites, blogs, social media, and other websites. Once you are actively tracking your mentions, you can start posting reviews to your social media pages alongside the other updates you regularly post.

Now that you are watching for and re-posting positive reviews and ratings, what do you do if you find a negative review? The best thing to do is to act quickly and calmly. Reach out to the customer with a positive attitude and do what you can to fix the problem. It is possible to turn negative reviews into a positive customer service experience.

In an effort to be authentic, and to provide full disclosure to your customers, it can be helpful to re-post less than perfect reviews. These reviews provide the opportunity for you to show how you respond to customers and how you can fix problems that can naturally occur when you run a business. Go one step further and thank your customer online for the honest feedback. Be the good guy.

As you implement your new program of re-posting reviews and ratings, it’s important to remember that you must measure your results. This is easily done by tagging your ads by product, page URL, keyword or other tag that lets you easily identify how the quote is resonating with your audience.

For more information on Qiigo Reputation Management and how it can help you integrate reviews into your social media marketing efforts, please call (404) 496-6841.

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