Understanding Retargeting

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to convert your website’s lost traffic into sales. We’ve all experienced retargeting as we surf the web, and while sometimes it feels a little big brother-esque, it is quite effective as a way to increase sales.

What is retargeting?


Retargeting happens when you shop online for products. For example, you visit a site looking for dance shoes for your daughter. Then you hop over to Facebook to kill a few minutes and see an ad for the dance shoes you were just looking at. That’s retargeting.

How does it work?

Remarketing uses cookies to track your online experience. Unlike traditional online display advertising which contains a static message and image, retargeting utilizes a tracking code to store data and then uses that data to display ads that mimic the user’s online activity. Retargeting is useful as a tool to covert lost customers. With more than 90% of website visitors failing to take action, retargeting ads can provide the extra push some consumers need to make a purchase.

How to use retargeting

For retargeting ads to be effective, they must have a strong call to action. Use a large, prominent button to draw viewer’s attention. Ads should look and feel like your website. Don’t stray from your traditional branding. Consumers may view this as suspicious. Ad creatives should look and feel consistent across multiple ad sizes. Not all sites run the same size ads so be sure your creative is flexible enough to display on any site. Consider creating some ads with animation and other versions that are still. Having multiple ad types increases exposure across the web.

As with any ad creatives, it’s important to test to see what works best. Create two different ads and compare results to see which is more compelling. Test different frequencies and durations to find the combination that yields the best results. Pay attention to the performance metrics to see what patterns are developing.

Not sure how to use retargeting to reach your customer? Consider these strategies:

  • Upsell. If a customer has bought a new TV, offer incentives for cables, wall mounts and other accessories that complement the purchase.
  • Seasonality. Many businesses have products that are seasonal in nature. Runs ads that target consumers who are interested in your seasonal products.
  • Incentives. Retargeting is a great way to convert customers who abandoned their shopping carts. Offer incentives to close the deal.
  • Email Marketing. HTML email newsletters sent with embedded Google Analytics code can be used to create target marketing lists.

If you are interested in learning about how you can use retargeting in your online marketing campaigns, call Qiigo today at (404) 496-6841.

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