YouTube Live-Streaming Goes Mobile (Finally)

Youtube live streaming

In a move that some internet marketing pros are labeling too little, too late, YouTube has developed a mobile live-streaming technology.

Positioned to compete against Periscope and Facebook Live, this new version of YouTube live-streaming is being touted by its developers as the clear choice for major content creators. Despite this, critics say that this new version of YouTube live-streaming doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Capabilities Similar to Periscope & Facebook Live

While YouTube was eager to showcase its new live-streaming format when it was announced, those who had a chance to see the new platform in action expressed doubts that it was unique enough to siphon market share from Facebook and Periscope.

Internet marketing insiders have noted, for instance, that the look and interface of the full-screen live feed closely mirrors that of Periscope. The company also added live streaming notifications for channel subscribers, a feature already on Facebook. Furthermore, it announced that live feeds would be recorded and made immediately available post-broadcast. This feature is – you guessed it – already a part of both Facebook and Periscope.

The new platform’s lack of uniqueness could be bad news for YouTube, which is desperate to regain the internet’s live-streaming title – a title it lost by failing to anticipate mobile live-streaming.

Speed, Reliability to Attract Content Creators

Despite all this, YouTube expressed confidence that their new, improved live-streaming platform will woo content creators and internet marketing professionals. While the new platform doesn’t boast flashy or especially unique features, it does have one thing going for it: technical infrastructure.

YouTube claims that its live-streaming capabilities are faster, more robust, and more reliable than those offered by Facebook and Periscope. It’s betting that premium content creators and internet marketing teams will switch over to take advantage of these benefits.

YouTube even took a subtle shot at Facebook during the announcement. YouTube’s product lead for immersive experiences, Kurt Wilms, alluded to an infamous Facebook Live failure by saying that YouTube would be the choice for content creators who broadcasted major events, like interviews with the President. In May of this year, a Buzzfeed live interview with President Obama glitched and died on Facebook Live. Buzzfeed ended up directing its users to a YouTube feed of the event.

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