How Small Businesses Can Use Snapchat Marketing

Snap ChatSnapchat is one of social media’s most perplexing success stories. A recent study estimated that over 40% of Americans aged 18-34 use Snapchat each day. At the same time, Snapchat has struggled to make itself profitable. Simply put, many businesses can’t make heads or tails of Snapchat marketing. Small businesses in particular find it harder to connect with customers on Snapchat than on other social networks.

But if you’re a small business who’s given up on Snapchat marketing, you might want to reconsider. Recently, Snapchat unveiled some new features that have made advertising much more friendly to small businesses. And while many small businesses struggle with finding their voice on Snapchat, the platform’s personality-forward feel is perfect for smaller companies.


Snapchat Ads Now Small Business-Friendly

If you’re a small business engage in Snapchat marketing, the platform’s newest features should be music to your ears. In recent weeks, Snapchat has added three game-changing features for advertisers:

  • Ad Manage. Ad Manage is a self-serve advertising tool that allows businesses to buy, manage, and track in-platform ad campaigns. It is considered a major upgrade for businesses, offering a far greater degree of flexibility, control, and insight.
  • Snap Publisher. Snap Publisher might be the biggest game changer for Snapchat. It’s a browser based tool for building image and video ads. Snap Publisher includes a range of templates for different ad styles and makes it easy to convert existing assets into Snapchat-optimized ads.
  • Certified Partners. One of the biggest hurdles to Snapchat marketing for small businesses has been the reliability, accessibility, and cost of creative services. Snapchat has significantly lowered this hurdle through a new Certified Partners program.

These new features are huge for small businesses who engage in Snapchat marketing. As Qiigo’s own Liane Caruso, Director of Social Media, explained on a recent episode of Social Geek Radio, small businesses are now positioned to better compete with big brands. Ad campaigns that cost thousands of dollars two months ago can now be executed at a fraction of the cost, and campaigns now demand less time and risk for smaller companies.


Snapchat Strategies for Small Businesses

Snapchat’s new features make advertising on the network easier for small businesses. But how can your brand create content that resonates with Snapchat users?

Small businesses with strong Snapchat marketing strategies understand what makes Snapchat different from other social networks. On Facebook, Instagram, and other popular networks, brands can succeed with a professional voice. That approach won’t work on Snapchat. It’s a platform that ignores business-casual voices. Instead, its users reward personality and playfulness.

Unsure how to amplify your brand’s fun and personal side? Here are a few strategies small businesses can use to find their voice in Snapchat marketing:

  • Use Snapchat’s interactive features to create puzzles and games with a discount or exclusive offer for the users who solve the puzzle first.
  • If you have a brick and mortar store, create in-store Snapchat challenges. Offer a reward to customers who post Snaps of themselves completing the challenge.
  • Have a new product or major promotion on the horizon? Drum up anticipation through a playful and creative teaser campaign.
  • Identify local influencers within your target demographic, and partner with them to create sponsored content for your business.
  • Go behind the scenes and give your customers an inside look at what makes your business such a fun place for your employees to work.

While Snapchat’s feel and target demographic isn’t for everyone, it’s an untapped gold mine for brands who market to teens and young adults. Even if you’ve had trouble on Snapchat in the past, a fresh approach could be all you need for viral success.



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