The Truth About Marketing Your Brand on Social Media

Truth about marketing on social mediaWhen it comes to social media marketing, it can all seem so easy — right until the moment it isn’t. With all the time we spend logged into Facebook, LinkedIn, and our other social networks, social media marketing feels like something that should come to us naturally. But many business owners fall into common traps and mistakes when they’re marketing themselves or their brands on the social web.

Having trouble getting the hang of social media marketing? Here are seven rules to follow if you want to rack up likes instead of unfollows…

Know Your Network

To succeed with social media marketing, you need to know your network. That means knowing where your customers hang out online, which influencers are driving the conversation in your field, and what kinds of content generate viral success among the users you’re targeting. Do your research, identify your targets, and harness the power of empathy to build social bridges.

Put Your Best Brand Forward

Avoid the temptation to hit “publish” on every piece of content you dream up. Conversations on social media are driven by quality and value — not volume. Focus on publishing your very best work, asking yourself what kind of value you’re giving your customers and how your content is speaking for your brand.

Let the Good Times Roll

While negative emotions can generate clicks and shares, brands need to be selective when highlighting unpleasant stories, facts, or warnings. Nobody wants to follow a doom-and-gloom account or a brand whose voice is based on complaints and criticisms. Instead, focus on creating a positive social image for your brand, one that people associate with good vibes and positive thoughts.

Create a Calendar for Content

Social media marketing shouldn’t be done on the fly. While you should build flexibility into your social media marketing strategy, you should have at least two to three months’ worth of content mapped out in advance.

Leave the Arguments Offline

No one wins when you use social media to argue with unhappy clients or customers. If a customer uses social media to complain about or harass your brand, be smart about if, when, and how you engage. Whenever possible, move the conversation offline where it won’t be played out in public.

Embrace the Changing Social Landscape

Avoid the temptation to create an unbending social media marketing strategy. Every quarter, the social landscape re-shapes itself. For brands to survive, they need to evolve when new trends emerge and follow (or lead!) the conversation when it shifts to new networks.

Power in Numbers

Facebook and other social networks offer a range of metrics that you can use to measure your impact when it comes to social media marketing. Whether you’re tracking likes on content, monitoring shares, or measuring CTR on social ads, measuring and analyzing the numbers will dramatically improve your chances of success.

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