Become a Top Social Media Strategist

 width=The power of social media was once viewed as questionable, a possible fad without much staying power. Those days are behind us forever. No longer seen as an unsure way to reach consumers, social media is now at the forefront of both B2C and B2B marketing campaigns. Those leading the social media charge are forging new ground each and every day.

Becoming a successful social media strategist is top of mind to many marketing professionals. Building focused campaigns that achieve measurable results is essential in today’s dynamic and challenging business environment. To achieve social media success, today’s top strategists have many of the same characteristics and employ many of the same techniques. Here are just a few of the things you can do to become a top social media strategist.

  • Be an Effective Manager.The time has come to stop selling the benefits of social media to your company, now is the time to transition into the role of manager. Treat social media as other marketing managers treat their programs. Become responsible for the creation of program timelines and strategies, resources and ROI models. Manage your social media campaigns and develop strategies for ongoing campaign development.
  • Get Organized. As you transition into the role of social media manager, embrace the role and set up an infrastructure for your team to work within. Establish the system under which your team will disseminate information for social media campaigns. As the chief strategist, it will be your job to direct how your team interacts with other business units.
  • Empower Your Team. Let’s be honest, you can’t do it all and any good manager knows this. So empower your team of social media professionals to help you succeed. Become the internal resource with the knowledge that helps others to thrive.
  • Remain Proactive at all Times. While this may be your hardest task, it may also be the one most essential to your success. Falling into a reactive role will limit your ability to be creative and lead your organization. Take a proactive role and you will be leading your company into the future of social media communications.
  • Engage Your Audience with Relevant Information. As you establish your internal structure and turn your focus to your customers, remember to always approach them with relevant information. Your customers must remain your primary focus and engaging them with the information they want and need is essential to social media success.

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