Strategies to Improve Your Social Media Results

Social Media Sites

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare, the list goes on and on. The world of social media is expanding faster than most companies can keep up with. For the franchise owner whose plate is already full, the prospect of actively maintaining multiple social media accounts is daunting.

If you have been wondering why you should even bother with social media, here are some great reasons to keep at it.

  • Social Media is a Marathon Not a Sprint. While large corporations can afford to throw big budgets at social media campaigns for one-time big hits, for the vast majority of us, social media is about adding value over the long haul. By adding unique, interesting content over time, you can organically build your audience. Before adding content, ask yourself, “Would I share this with my friends?”
  • Social Media Isn’t Just for Kids. Did you know that more than half of internet users over the age of 50 use Facebook? Social media users cross all generations. Your customers use social media, reach out and communicate with them today.
  • Twitter Isn’t Only for the Rich and Famous. While most people think Twitter is only effective for celebrities, it can work for those with a small, but loyal following. With timely, relevant tweets, you can make Twitter work for you. Remember to tweet about things that aren’t all about you and to engage those people who mention your company or products.
  • Facebook is About More than Likes. Do you advertise on Facebook? Facebook advertising can add value to your online footprint by increasing your fan base and improving customer engagement.
  • One Post Can Be Enough. Have you ever blocked a company from your Facebook feed because they bombarded you with information? Just one post a day is enough to keep your name in front of your fans. Posting too often can lower your average scores in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm.
  • Posts Should Be Unique, Interesting and Engaging. Keep these words top of mind when creating social media posts. Including photos and links increases engagement rates and creates more excitement than static text.
  • Google+ What? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by Google+ and view it as just another social media tool, you’re missing the boat. Google+ is so much more than just a social media platform. Your Google+ page can impact the results of searches for your brand and site visit conversion rates.

The bottom line is social media is here to stay and shouldn’t be neglected. If you would like help keeping up with what consumers are saying about your business online, Qiigo can help with our Reputation Management platform. Call us today to find out how Reputation Management can show you what people are saying about your business and how it can provide you with a streamlined process for posting to your social media sites. Call 404-496-6841 for information on Qiigo Reputation Management.

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