Have You Thought about Where You and Your Tablet Want to go to College?

Kids love tablets

So you got an iPad or Kindle Fire. Or you thought you did, but it turns out that Junior has his hands on your tablet more than you do. How exactly did that happen?

Turns out you are not alone. Research recently released by Nielsen reveals that the tablet is all the rage in the 12 and under set. According to a Nielsen survey of adults with children under 12 in tablet-owning households, “in Q4 2011 seven out of every 10 children in tablet-owning households used a tablet computer – a nine percent increase compared to Q3 2011.”

“The education revolution has begun,” independent business analyst Mike Randazzo tells Mobile Marketing Watch. “Tablets are the new teaching tools that will be critical to education in the years to come. And it’s exciting to see Nielsen data indicating that kids are every bit as enthusiastic about tablets as they are likely to learn from them.”

Other interesting facts from the recent Nielsen study include:

  • 77% said children play downloaded games on tablets
  • 57% said children use tablets to play/access educational apps
  • 55% use tablets to entertain children while traveling
  • 43% use tablets for watching downloaded TV shows and movies
  • 41% use tablets to entertain children in restaurants

Whether for entertainment or their educational value, the tablet is sure to be a mainstay in households across the country. Children are drawn to them, and after the kids are asleep, parents reclaim them for their own use.

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