Get the Most from Your Blog with WordPress

Blogging has become a standard way for getting all types of information from daily news and commentary to “features” about raising children and what to cook for dinner. Having a blog is an excellent way to get your opinion to the masses, but finding the best blog host can be a problem.

WordPress is a superior blog hosting site. The WordPress structure allows for excellent search engine results. To enhance WordPress’ already excellent search engine results, try these simple SEO tips.

  • Google Sitemap Plug-in. The Google Sitemap Plug-in automatically submits your blog postings to Google. Doesn’t get easier than that…anything you post to your blog automatically goes to Google for indexing.
  • Keyword Rich Titles. As with any SEO writing, all posts to your blog should be keyword enhanced. The typical 5-6% keyword density goal would apply. However, don’t forget to include a title when writing keyword rich content. Your title should have the keyword for the article in it. Putting the keyword in the title will also help to draw new readers to your blog by increasing your search ranking.
  • Permalink Structure. Regardless of which permalink structure you choose, the key is to use your keyword in the URL. The only way for your SEO to be truly effective is to have a strong permalink structure. In other words, keep the keyword in the URL for best performance results.
  • All-In-One SEO Plug-in. This plug-in allows for full optimization of your blog postings. With the All-In-One plug-in you can list tags and keywords, arrange title and meta descriptions and set “no follow” on pages of your blog. Tag each post individually for the best results.
  • Backlinks. Creating backlinks for your site allows your blog to compete for the most popular keywords. The use of onpage and offpage SEO techniques will help to establish you as one of the most popular blogs on WordPress and on the internet.

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