Lawn Care Brand Grows New Opportunities with Customized Digital Strategy

The Ask

One of the largest lawn care franchise brands in the country was looking for support with building out a customized digital strategy that would help generate more leads and strengthen the online presence for their hundreds of locations.

The Tactic

Qiigo worked with each franchisee location to implement a targeted keyword strategy, hyper-focusing on optimization eorts down to the local/individual level.

Organic Search: The SEO team optimized the keyword strategy for each individual location. This increased rankings across all major search engines, bringing quality traffic to the site and increasing conversion rates.

Paid Search: Our experts designed a keyword and budget allocation strategy based on seasonality. Each location received customized keywords based on the time of year and their geography, which targeted a more precise audience pool and increased the lead volume for each location.

Local Listings: The Local Listings team ensured NAPW (Name, Address, Phone, Web) information was accurate and implemented consistent citations across local and niche directories.

The Result

By partnering with Qiigo, the Lawn Care brand saw an overall increase in Traffic and Lead Generation. The brand’s locations saw a 49% increase in Traffic and a 44% increase in the average number of leads by location, receiving more than 12,600 leads from March 1st-May 31st, 2017.

Qiigo also helped the brand decrease their Cost Per Lead from $37 to $22 during this time, providing a strengthened ROI from their digital efforts.

49% Increase in Traffic

12,600 Leads in a 3-month Period

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