Visiting Angels Sees 138% Increase in Lead Gen from Digital Advertising Efforts

The Ask

In the sparsely populated area of Southwest Colorado, five Visiting Angels locations were in need of a digital solution that would help drive more business to each location. Although already a leader in living assistance services, a new competitor in the area weakened overall SEO efforts. And their digital advertising provider was unable to help them gain traction, hindering the locations’ ability to grow new business.

The Tactic

Qiigo helped build out a customized digital strategy that would increase leads and overall online engagement for each individual location.

Organic Search: Keyword targeting, creative copywriting, and enhanced web page structures were developed to maximize the visibility of each location in local search results. The in-house writers at Qiigo enhanced and optimized site content, expanding audience reach and increasing time spent on site.

Paid Search: The campaign strategy focused on the surrounding areas of the Southwest Colorado locations, helping to drive more qualified traffic to their respective sites. Compelling ads helped build local authority and gave each location a stronger competitive advantage.

Local Listings: Google Search and Map rankings were increased by enhancing and ensuring accuracy to the locations’ NAPW information. By ensuring data accuracy, citations increased across local and niche directories, driving more organic traffic to the location sites.

The Result

By partnering with Qiigo, the Visiting Angels locations saw an overall increase in site rankings, organic traffic, and lead generation.

Comparing results from 2016 to 2017, the locations received a 52% increase in Organic Traffic and a 35% increase in Site Rankings, and a 138% increase in Lead Generation.

52% Increase in Organic Traffic

35% Increase in Site Rankings

138% Increase in Lead Generation