Qiigo Attends Google All Stars

all stars

Qiigo just returned from the 2015 Google All Stars Conference. Held each year at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. All Stars is one of the online marketing industries leading events. Each year, Google selects leading agencies to attend this conference. Those agencies ranked as Google’s highest performing search partners are invited to
attend. Representing Qiigo at the 2015 event were IMG_3045Mark Ihlenburg, Director of Operations, and Paul Hatcher, Digital Director.

Each year, the Google All Stars event brings together leaders in the online marketing industry to discuss key trends in marketing and brand management with Google’s team. This is the second time Qiigo has been invited to this prestigious conference.

Topics discussed at this year’s Google All Stars conference range
from new product offerings to insider tips to strategies to maximize
IMG_3056online marketing efforts. The new Google Cardboard product was a highlight covered in this year’s conference.

“We were proud to be selected to attend the All Stars event this year,” said Qiigo CEO Rick Batchelor. “Attendance is highly selective and allows us to continue advancing in our skill set and knowledge of leading industry trends.”


Qiigo provides national brands with proven online marketing solutions. From Local Listings Management to Pay Per Click marketing to Local SEO strategies, Qiigo partners with national brands to increase their presence in both national and local markets.

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