Google Maps Riddled with Errors


When a consumer searches Google for a business they assume they are getting real and accurate data. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. The instances of blatantly inaccurate and misleading listings on Google Maps are difficult to control.

It’s ridiculously easy to create a false Google Maps listing. By creating a listing in Map Maker and then creating and verifying a Google Places page for the fake listing, you can turn an ATM machine into a hospital, McDonalds, or any other business or office…just for fun. (Not that we would recommend this.)

Google has stated that they “work hard to remove listings that are reported to violate our policies as quickly as possible, and to check bad actors that try to game the system by altering business descriptions once they are live on Google Maps. We encourage users to let us know when they see something that might violate our guidelines by using our ‘Report a Problem’ tool, found at the bottom right corner of the map.”

However, it can still be challenging to get fake listings removed. Many users complain the ‘Report a Problem’ tool is ineffective and Google’s listings editors are often called out for being reluctant to take down fake listings.

So what’s the problem with fake listings? It can cost you money! A recent Google Maps search for ‘locksmith Denver Co’ provided in excess of 600 listings. Few of the reported locations are actually licensed locksmiths diverting customers from legitimate businesses.

How can you ensure your local listings are accurate? Qiigo Local Listings Management claims, creates, edits, and monitors your online business listings on directory, review and social media sites across the web. When your brand’s online business listings are claimed and accurate, your Google+ value increases boosting your position on search engine results pages.

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