Yahoo Produces Innovative Mobile Marketing Ad Format

The internet marketing community is abuzz with the announcement Yahoo Tiles, the new mobile marketing ad format out from Yahoo. While Yahoo’s limited mobile audience will hold back the impact of Yahoo’s new format, mobile marketing teams believe that Tiles could potentially signal the next wave of mobile ad design.

Format Includes 360-Image Capabilities

So, what sets Yahoo Tiles apart from other mobile ad formats? Most notably, Tiles offers the ability to make ads that include 360 degree images. This could be hugely beneficial for mobile marketing of products like shoes, purses, or sports equipment, where users could be tempted to take a look at advertised products more closely. The format also includes video ad capability, optimized for mobile devices.

Yahoo Tiles has drawn comparisons to a similar ad formats that have been developed by smaller companies in recent months. However, Tiles represents the largest-reaching format to yet offer these kinds of advanced capabilities.

Yahoo Audience to Limit Impact

Despite the exciting possibilities offered by Yahoo Tiles, most in the mobile marketing industry consider it a step in the right direction, but not a total game changer. This is because the format is limited to Yahoo’s Gemini and Brightroll advertising platforms.

Unfortunately, Yahoo does not have a strong mobile following. The company’s inability to attract mobile users has been one of the most common criticisms leveled at Yahoo and CEO Marissa Meyer in recent months. Since earlier this year, Yahoo has been up for sale, now a shadow of its former self.

With Yahoo’s mobile audience so limited, and with few reasons to believe that’s due to change in the near future, Yahoo Tiles may simply be a great idea in the wrong hands. While it seems like it may be a useful tool, so long as it’s a Yahoo property, ads using the Tiles format will not reach the vast majority of mobile users.

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